6 Reasons Why You Should Have a Business Website

reasons you need a website

Whether you’re a large company or an SME having a website can be beneficial in more than one way. Yet there are some SMEs who haven’t quite realized how useful a website is to their business. However, in a society that’s becoming more and more digital, creating a website for your business will certainly help you stay ahead of your competitors. Simply put that’s more engagement, awareness, promotion, traffic, and conversion.

Brand Awareness

Creating Brand Awareness

Whether you’re a new business or you’ve been around for a while brand awareness is vital to every company. One of the best ways to promote and boost your brand is search engine ranking. Google is a wonderful search engine that will help your business get recognized.  In order to ensure that your company’s name starts to rank highly on Google searches your website will have to be fully optimized. A fully optimized website will help make it a bit easier to rank on the first page of a Google search. That’s how you’ll boost the number of new visitors that you’ll get.

Isn’t it great to know that you can get business or sales from simply ranking on Google’s first page? Just a quick and simple search not only made someone aware of your brand but it made them a customer.  Just how do you get your website to rank on the first page? You’ve got to ensure that it’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization) friendly. Don’t worry if it sounds new to you, at Sitepact Ja, we can help you get your website fully optimized.

Improve Your Customer Service

Improve Your Customer Service

Your customer service is only as great as your best customer experience. It’s the experience that you provide for your clients that will transform your visits into sales and first-time buyers into returning customers. Living in a digital era has made it way easier to do so. As an SME business owner, there are several tools that can transform your customer service into a truly engaging and memorable one. That’s how you’ll stand out.

Make your website as user-friendly and easily navigated as possible. Some key features include contact us, FAQs, Live Chat Customer Service/Chatbots, About Us pages that truly tell the story behind your brand.  You can even consider adding reviews, tutorials, a  library, and resources based on the nature of your business. These are not only helpful but they’ll make your visitors more inclined to make a purchase.  At Sitepact, we’d love to help you create that experience so feel free to reach out to us so that we can make your website more appealing to your customers.

Make It Easy For Customers To Pay

Make It Easy For Customers To Pay

The last thing customers want is a website that makes it hard to buy a product that they’re interested in. Since the pandemic, more and more customers are looking for a hassle-free process. Furthermore, our society is leaning more towards POS and eCommerce. Meet your customers where they’re at and offer them a hassle-free online sales process. You can even consider making it a quick 3 step procedure; select the product/service of your choice, check out with several payment options and process the payment. Give them a variety of payment options to choose from Debit, Paypal, credit cards, cash upon delivery or pickup, bank transfers, etc. Why not make features such as tax calculation and shipping cost automated?  In case you have any difficulties doing so, please contact us so that we can help you. Additional payment types to consider are recurring payments and memberships.

Reviews and feedback

Reviews and Testimonials

If there’s one thing that customers love it’s seeing other customers review products that they’re interested in buying. Positive testimonials and reviews are like word-of-mouth recommendations from your clients. They are a wonderful source of brand awareness and promotion. Your website’s landing page is the best place to post your positive reviews. If your customers agree then that’s a plus as you’ll give your customers a review that they can really connect with.

You might be wondering how to get reviews as a new company. Ask your customers for feedback and if you can share it on your website. Another approach that you could take to getting reviews is to ask pleased customers to leave a review on Google. They’ll display on your Google listing and will appear every time your website comes up. Potential customers won’t even have to click on your website to see them. You can even go a step further and publish them on your website.

Use Paid Google Ads On Your Landing Pages

Similar to having your website fully optimized, you can also run Google ads. To get your page to automatically land on Google’s first page, you can pay a cost to run an ad. When done correctly a website with Google ads can increase traffic to your websites and help you to gain several clients.

Keep in mind though that Google Ads are pay per click. Every time a potential client googles your listing and it takes them to your website you’ll have to pay. The key then is that you’ll have to turn as many clicks into converted sales as much as possible.

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Check Your Analytics

The beauty of having a website is that you can check all the data including the number of visitors, etc. Google Analytics is a helpful tool that can help you to collect that data. Some of the data that you can track and monitor based on your website’s traffic include:

  1. Behaviour
  2. Demographics
  3. Keyword searches (both long tail and short tail)
  4. Audience Geography
  5. Clicks on Landing Pages
  6. Visitors etc

You’ll get raw data so you’ll have to interpret it and garner your own findings. You can also monitor your website’s overall performance and marketing objectives.

Having a website as an SME makes a world of difference. It allows you to promote your brand and foster brand awareness using Google. Optimizing your website can drive sales especially when you use Google Ads. It can also help you to offer excellent service to your customers. Remember to make the buying process a smooth one. Add some awesome reviews and monitor your audience’s insight. Now, you’ve got a website that can help you to grow your business. And because we love to see you grow, you can contact us for all your website needs. Visit us at Sitepact JA to make your business targets a reality.

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