A Website Development Company for Jamaicans

Sitepact JA is a website development company that caters to the needs of entrepreneurs in Jamaica. Due to high competition in the industries, small business owners must exploit different tools available to stand firm among their competitors. One of the most important tools to utilize is to build and maintain a website that will prove to your potential customers that you are very serious about attending to their needs and wants. When most customers search online for a reputable company, one of their first instinct is to go for a well-known company. With a website provided, it gives your business a more professional appearance because you can put all the required and essential information on your website, therefore, customers won’t have to search the internet to identify who you are. Local entrepreneurs benefit from Sitepact JA in a variety of ways. These advantages include:

Website Design

Sitepact JA is capable of designing a website that is suitable for your business. Sitepact JA creates tailor-made websites for their clients. Our client’s websites are created based on their specific demands and requirements therefore – no templates are used. In other words, our clients get their unique websites. Sitepact JA creates websites that are fast and powerful with secure servers. These websites are built with an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate that confirms the identity of a website and allows for a secure connection. We ensure that the websites of our clients are search engine friendly and responsive over any device. Sitepact JA works with clients to give them anything they require however, we will voice our opinions and work with you through the different steps and processes involved. Our clients are our main priority and we will show you such.

Website Maintenance

Sitepact JA doesn’t just develop your websites and then abandons you. We provide website maintenance and support for our clients. We keep a close eye on the website’s general health and performance. It is a part of our work to keep your website up-to-date since we want to ensure that the website is performing at its best and is engaging and sustaining site visitors. We keep track of our clients’ websites, provide website security, content updates as requested by our clients, as well as live chat and email support. A weekly vulnerability update is also provided to our clients. We have free unlimited website content edits available to our clients. Our website maintenance service has a significant advantage in that it allows us to establish a long-term partnership. Our clients can always count on us to make future changes to their websites at any time.

Website Hosting

To broadcast your website online, your website requires a web hosting service. Sitepact JA provides web hosting services to its clients. Our clients must have a unique domain; nevertheless, we can assist you in obtaining one. We offer a faster and more secure website hosting service. We understand how crucial it is to load your websites fast because it can alter your customer’s experience when they visit your website. A slow-loading website will inevitably have an impact on search engine optimization (SEO), making it more difficult for potential customers to locate you online. Sitepact JA will offer live chat as well as email support. We also back up our client’s website processes and can rewind; that is, we can go back to prior states of your site in a matter of seconds whenever you like.

Sitepact JA was created not only to build websites but to design and maintain them for you because we have your best interest at heart. We understand the needs of local business owners and therefore we are in this industry to help you grow your business by attracting and retaining your customers while increasing your profits. Sitepact JA exists to help small businesses stand out among their competitors, mature their businesses, and help them maintain a long-term position in the industry. Visit our website at sitepactja.com.

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