Event and Entertainment Services 

A significant number of clients who initially approach us for our services often express the challenge of finding proficient website developers in Jamaica. Indeed, they are correct in their assessment. While Jamaica boasts several companies offering website development services, none match the level of excellence provided by Sitepact JA.

Peter Shoucair, the owner of Event and Entertainment Services, has collaborated with us on various projects, including I Do Jamaica Magazine, A Brides Expo, and Jamaica Bridal Expo. In this specific project, he sought a redesign for an outdated website plagued with broken links and responsive errors. Taking inspiration from reputable websites in his industry, we successfully crafted a website that authentically represents his brand. Fortunately, we did not encounter any challenges while working on this project as it was an informational website requiring minimal hard coding. The project took our team 7 days to complete.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Peter Shoucair for trusting us with these website projects.

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