Demaroys Guest House

Demaroy’s offers a range of well-appointed fully air-conditioned rooms, free Wi-Fi, and suites designed to cater to your comfort and relaxation with bathrooms equipped with rainfall showerheads. Each room is a tranquil oasis, blending modern amenities with classic Jamaican charm to ensure your experience with us is truly unforgettable.

We’ve collaborated with numerous SMBs in Jamaica to transition their businesses online, but our recent project with a client marked a new milestone. Mr. Demaroy approached us with a clear vision for his guest house website, expressing the desire to integrate a seamless booking feature. He emphasized the importance of enabling guests to make bookings directly on the website, including the ability to accept credit card payments. To facilitate this, we recommended ezeepayments, a trusted partner, to set up a merchant account for online payments. Throughout the project, our communication with Mr. Demaroy remained open, allowing for smooth collaboration. Although the project scope and functionalities evolved over time, the changes ultimately enhanced the user experience. We’re proud to have been part of this journey and extend our gratitude to Mr. Demaroy for choosing us to develop his company’s website

Virtual Showroom Jamaica

Virtual Showroom Jamaica allows customers to view vehicles from all dealerships across Jamaica in one centralized area. They offer customers a virtual tour to learn everything they need to know about the cars they are considering and provide suggestions on similar vehicles that compete in each class, aiding them in finding the best option for them.

The founder of the company, Mr. Henry, approached us to develop a web-based application. This application would provide his clients with a portal to create listings on his website for a small fee. After discussions with the team, we commenced the development process. However, as we prepared for launch, the project scope changed, requiring significant adjustments. Despite our efforts to integrate the new requirements, compatibility issues arose, necessitating a fresh rebuild. Fortunately, Mr. Henry remained understanding, and our open communication facilitated the success of the project. The end result was remarkable, focusing primarily on functionality with minimal design. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Henry for entrusting us with this project.

Thanks to Mr. Henery for entrusting us with this project.

EasyA Club

A website serves as the digital representation of your brick-and-mortar business, acting as a powerful tool to enhance visibility, attract more traffic, increase sales, and generate leads. EasyA Club approached us with the need for a website to create lessons for their students.

Upon discussing the website requirements and receiving all the necessary resources, we commenced the development process, completing it within 6 days. Following the development phase, we presented the website to the EasyA Club team for review and any desired adjustments. Once this stage was finalized, the next step involved scheduling the website launch. However, the launch was contingent on the completion of lesson uploads and materials creation by EasyA Club.

Despite the time-consuming nature of this process, we adhered to the schedule, ensuring the website went live on the planned date, January 7th. The EasyA team expressed satisfaction with the final result, conveying their gratitude through a 5-star Google review, highlighting their appreciation for our work.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the EasyA team for choosing and trusting us with this project once again.

K & A Designs and Services

At Sitepact JA, we’ve collaborated with numerous small business owners, each with distinct business goals and website needs. Kimmorn, the proprietor of K & A Designs and Services, approached us to enhance her online presence. While she was already active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she sought a centralized platform for clients to learn more about her business, its services, and easily contact her—a need fulfilled by a custom website.

Kimmorn’s company specializes in full-service event planning, as well as interior and exterior design, offering a broad spectrum of services to clients throughout Jamaica. During our discussions, Kimmorn conveyed her vision, the unique niche her business occupies, and her preferred website design style. Drawing inspiration from these elements, our team crafted an impressive website that resonated well with her preferences.

Working on this project was an enjoyable experience, thanks to Kimmorn’s prompt provision of resources and her open communication throughout the process. At Sitepact JA, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of K & A Designs and Services. A big thank you to the entire team at K & A Designs and Services for entrusting us with this project.

Event and Entertainment Services 

A significant number of clients who initially approach us for our services often express the challenge of finding proficient website developers in Jamaica. Indeed, they are correct in their assessment. While Jamaica boasts several companies offering website development services, none match the level of excellence provided by Sitepact JA.

Peter Shoucair, the owner of Event and Entertainment Services, has collaborated with us on various projects, including I Do Jamaica Magazine, A Brides Expo, and Jamaica Bridal Expo. In this specific project, he sought a redesign for an outdated website plagued with broken links and responsive errors. Taking inspiration from reputable websites in his industry, we successfully crafted a website that authentically represents his brand. Fortunately, we did not encounter any challenges while working on this project as it was an informational website requiring minimal hard coding. The project took our team 7 days to complete.

Our heartfelt appreciation goes to Peter Shoucair for trusting us with these website projects.

Belle’s Essential Jamaica Ltd.

Belle’s Essential Jamaica Ltd. is all about making your dishes tastier with their high-quality herbal spices.

We joined forces with Mr. Ellis at Belle’s Essential Jamaica Ltd. to give his business a boost. Mr. Ellis was eager to enhance his brand, and we collaborated to understand his business, unique offerings, and ambitious goals.

Usually, creating a website takes around a week, but this time it was more complex due to Mr. Ellis’s busy schedule. Despite some delays, we persevered, and Mr. Ellis was patient as we tackled the challenges. The project ended up taking over two and a half weeks.

The journey was challenging, but it was incredibly rewarding. We extend our sincere gratitude to Mr. Ellis for placing his trust in us to support his business and brand. His belief in our team and our ability to assist with his business needs drove the success of this collaboration.

Now, Belle’s Essential Jamaica Ltd. is ready to spice up the world with their amazing products. We’re proud to be part of this exciting transformation. We look forward to witnessing more success for Belle’s Essential Jamaica Ltd. and are delighted to be part of their journey.

Prime Cash Advance Limited

Prime Cash Advance Limited stands as a distinguished financial institution with a dedicated focus on helping individuals achieve their financial goals. Embracing innovation and a client-centric ethos, Prime Cash Advance Limited provides a comprehensive array of customized financial solutions tailored to meet the distinct needs of its clients.

The company’s owner approached us to initiate a revitalization of their existing website. Despite the tight deadline of one week for this project, we were undeterred, as we are accustomed to delivering website development projects within this timeframe. After a thorough review of the website’s content, we swiftly crafted a fresh and engaging website design for the Prime Cash Advance Limited team.

Observing the final outcome, we take pride in our contribution to this website project. Our involvement in enhancing the Prime Cash Advance Limited business fills us with a sense of accomplishment. We extend our sincere gratitude to the Prime Cash Advance Limited team for entrusting us with this significant endeavor, as always.

Smart Choice Solutions Limited

Smartt Choice Solutions Limited, an IT-based company, specializes in providing an array of Managed Information Technology Services to enhance business productivity. Their offerings include expert installation, implementation, remote and on-site system management, and a proven service portfolio that caters to customers seeking complete managed IT solutions and implementation services.

Throughout our collaboration with this client on multiple projects, we experienced excellent communication and seamless collaboration. The responsive team promptly provided us with all the necessary resources required to successfully complete each project. Working on their e-commerce website was an enjoyable experience. Despite its minimalistic design, this website project effectively communicates the company’s core values and the services it offers.

As always, we express our heartfelt appreciation to the Smart Choice Solutions Limited team for entrusting us with this significant endeavor.

Direct Recovery Services Limited

When customers approach us for our website development and maintenance service, they are always intrigued by the unique value we offer and the associated cost. In Jamaica, numerous website development companies exist, each providing their own services. However, we go beyond mere website development—we extend our technical support and resources to ensure the success of our clients’ businesses.

Recently, Direct Recovery Services reached out to us. As usual, we requested a summary of their business. This allows us to grasp the essence of their company and create a design that accurately represents their brand. We strive to complete website projects within a week, provided we receive all the necessary resources from the client as requested. However, in this particular case, due to our client’s demanding work schedule, communication has been a bit slow, causing the project to take longer than our usual one-week timeframe. Nevertheless, we drew inspiration from various online sources and incorporated elements from websites our clients shared with us. Although the project took a little longer, the end result speaks for itself, and our client is delighted.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to the team at Direct Recovery Services Limited for trusting us with this project.

The Healthy Woman

The Healthy Woman was created to provide natural and holistic healing to some of the most troubling issues. The Healthy Woman products are specially created by passionate herbalists with the aim to have persons feeling more confident, comfortable, and happy with the skin they’re in while ensuring better overall health.

Nichelle the owner of this company already had a website on the Shopify platform. Although her website was functional, its functionalities were limited and did not offer much flexibility to do most of the things she wanted, also her website design needed some work. She reached out to us and we had a few discussions in order to understand her business visions and goals. This project took a few days longer than our usual seven days due to some implementation issues but we got everything sorted out and our client Nichelle was happy with the end result. We gave her a fresh modern website design with extended functionalities to facilitate all her business needs. We always go above and beyond for all our clients and though some clients are scared of change, we assured them we will be with them every step of the way to ensure that their onboarding process was a smooth one.

Thanks to Nichelle for considering us to be a part of this project.

The Healthy Chef Ja

The Healthy Chef JA provides delicious meals to people all over the island of Jamaica. Meals are delivered frozen in sealed packaging to retain maximum taste and freshness. The healthy Chef gourmet meal club was created for busy people who are serious about their health and wellness. Each meal plan offers a proper balance of the 4 major food groups, based on the Canada food guide and the American Heart Association.

Paul the owner of this company already had a website but at the time his current website was not scalable to grow with his fast-growing business. He reached out to us and shared his vision, business ideas, and also his business model. He wanted an automated system that could with less human intervention. Initially, we knew that accomplishing this was going to take a lot of time to get it right, but nevertheless we took on the challenge and started the development process. Usually, we try to get a website live for our clients in one week but this project took way longer. It’s not that we did not know what we were doing or that the implementation was really difficult. The reason is that the project scope slowly expanded as we developed. In the end, our time and efforts were appreciated and I can say this challenge was worth it. Paul the owner was so patient and makes himself available at all times. We would love to say this project is our masterpiece but each project we worked on is unique in its own way so it’s fair to say this project is one of our masterpieces. Thanks to Paul for reaching out to us so we could be a part of his vision for his company – The Healthy Chef JA.

Jamaica Tiki Party Charters

Jamaica Tiki Party Charters is located in Negril and offers boat cruising for people who don’t just want to “lazy around on the beach”. This was a very fun project for everyone at Sitepact and signaled as new beginning as we begin to offer our services to Jamaican businesses.

There was not a lot of time to complete the project, and we also needed to create a logo and decide on certain branding aspects of the business. Thankfully, the people at Jamaica Tiki Party Charters were as awesome as we are and prioritized the right decision to the project off to a great start. The website allows users to make bookings, is fully responsive and performant.

Monique Blake

Monique Blake loves to teach and share simple, practical, and effective lifestyle strategies to help women fully express their radiant health and wellness. She partnered with us to be sort of her own external technical team and we were happy to work with her. This project was not like any other project we have worked on. We utilize WooComerce along with a reputable learning management system for her to deliver her educational courses online to her students. Unlike most of the projects we have worked on, this project took a few days longer than expected due to some custom coding and changes that had to be made to get the desired result.

In the end, we at Sitepact JA and Monique Blake are really pleased with the end result, thus, we can say the extra few days were worth it in the end. It was a pleasure working with Monique on this project.

Jamaica Bridal Expo

The Jamaica Bridal Expo is a conference held yearly where wedding professionals has the opportunity to register and consult with local and international industry experts. These included the likes of Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides (www.Brides.com), Dr. Paulette Hossman-CEO of Tai Flora, and Tom Curtin, Director – Sales and Marketing at Honeymoons.com, along with many other experts.

Jamaica Bridal Expo already had a website but the overall design was outdated, our initial contact was to provide support. We however proposed a rebuild to give it a fresh, clean, and minimalistic design – and that we did! We worked closely with the project managers Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton project to ensure the vision of the project was going in the right direction. Many thanks to the Jamaica Bridal Expo team for reaching out we are happy to have made their technical team.

A Brides Expo

At Sitepact JA we can’t come to the conclusion as to which of these makes us most happy, getting a new client or when one of our existing clients hands us a new project. We have worked with the project managers for this project before, Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton on Jamaica Bridal Expo which was a great success. The fact that we had done such a great job we were handed this new project A Brides Expo which turns out to be a great success once again.

A Brides Expo is a conference held yearly where wedding professionals have the opportunity to register and consult with local and international industry experts. These included the likes of Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides (www.Brides.com), Dr. Paulette Hossman-CEO of Tai Flora, and Tom Curtin, Director – Sales and Marketing at Honeymoons.com, along with many other experts.

A Brides Expo already had a website but the overall design was outdated, our initial contact was to provide support. We however proposed a rebuild to give it a fresh, clean, and minimalistic design – and that we did! We worked closely with the project managers Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton project to ensure the vision of the project was going in the right direction. Many thanks to Peter and Jo-Anne for reaching out, we are happy to have made their technical team.