Naturally Her’s

Naturally Her’s is a woman-owned business. They provide their customers with the highest quality products to support overall feminine wellness. These company products are of high value, natural and handcrafted, and tailored to suit your every needs daily and on the go. They offer Fertility Care, Yoni Care, Skincare, Body Care, Hair care, Male care, and not to mention our specially hand-picked care bundles.

The owner of the company, Anna Kay, had an existing website on the Shopify platform. However, the website’s functionalities were limited and inflexible, and its design needed improvement. After discussing Anna’s business visions and goals, we took on the project and delivered a fresh, modern website design with enhanced functionalities that met all of her business needs. Despite some implementation issues, we were committed to ensuring a smooth onboarding process for Anna, and she was ultimately satisfied with the end result. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for all of our clients, and we understand that change can be intimidating. Nevertheless, we are dedicated to being there every step of the way to support our clients. We are grateful to Anna Kay for entrusting us with this project.

 DWEPP Jamaica

DWEPP Jamaica is a wedding and event planning company that caters to all couples. Their services are specially designed to assist busy and destination couples in planning their luxurious weddings or events.

We recently completed a website redesign project for this company, and we are thrilled with the end result. Our client, Kadian, the owner of the company, reached out to us to rebrand her business with a new website. We had a meeting with her to understand her business operations, long and short-term goals.

After the initial phase, we moved on to the development process, which usually takes us seven business days. However, due to Kadian’s busy work schedule, certain aspects that were crucial to the development process were delayed, causing the project to take over two and a half weeks.

Despite the delay, we are proud to have been a part of this project. We appreciate Kadian’s trust in our team and her confidence in us to handle her business needs.

Positive Purpose Finance Limited

Positive Purpose Finance provides personal and insurance premium financing loans to Jamaicans while offering a genuine focus on individual financial needs.

We collaborated with Positive Purpose Finance Limited recently and the experience was seamless and enjoyable. They granted us complete control over the development process, allowing us to experiment with the design and development plot to deliver a distinctive and contemporary website. Our custom-made website designs are unique, and we strive to launch a client website within 10 business days. Partnering with Positive Purpose Finance was a pleasure and we look forward to a long-term business partnership. Huge shoutout to the manager Kevin Eddie!

I-Land Loans

I-Land Loans is a financial Loan Company that offers quality, practical, and speedy access to loans for almost every business, concept, or plan. I-Land Loans’ goal is to provide access to personal loans, education loans, car loans, and home loans here in Jamaica.

The owners of this company reached out to us and shared their goals and long-term vision of their business. They wanted a minimalistic, modern website design that will represent their brand. We analyzed their specifications and came up with a design that is unique and clean. This project was not as complex as some of our previous website development projects, as it does not have any e-commerce or advanced API functionalities. Andre Powell and Barbara Edwards the co-owners of this company were pleased with our work. We are always happy to provide value to our clients by adding a website to their marketing arsenal.

The Healthy Woman

The Healthy Woman was created to provide natural and holistic healing to some of the most troubling issues. The Healthy Woman products are specially created by passionate herbalists with the aim to have persons feeling more confident, comfortable, and happy with the skin they’re in while ensuring better overall health.

Nichelle the owner of this company already had a website on the Shopify platform. Although her website was functional, its functionalities were limited and did not offer much flexibility to do most of the things she wanted, also her website design needed some work. She reached out to us and we had a few discussions in order to understand her business visions and goals. This project took a few days longer than our usual seven days due to some implementation issues but we got everything sorted out and our client Nichelle was happy with the end result. We gave her a fresh modern website design with extended functionalities to facilitate all her business needs. We always go above and beyond for all our clients and though some clients are scared of change, we assured them we will be with them every step of the way to ensure that their onboarding process was a smooth one.

Thanks to Nichelle for considering us to be a part of this project.

The Healthy Chef Ja

The Healthy Chef JA provides delicious meals to people all over the island of Jamaica. Meals are delivered frozen in sealed packaging to retain maximum taste and freshness. The healthy Chef gourmet meal club was created for busy people who are serious about their health and wellness. Each meal plan offers a proper balance of the 4 major food groups, based on the Canada food guide and the American Heart Association.

Paul the owner of this company already had a website but at the time his current website was not scalable to grow with his fast-growing business. He reached out to us and shared his vision, business ideas, and also his business model. He wanted an automated system that could with less human intervention. Initially, we knew that accomplishing this was going to take a lot of time to get it right, but nevertheless we took on the challenge and started the development process. Usually, we try to get a website live for our clients in one week but this project took way longer. It’s not that we did not know what we were doing or that the implementation was really difficult. The reason is that the project scope slowly expanded as we developed. In the end, our time and efforts were appreciated and I can say this challenge was worth it. Paul the owner was so patient and makes himself available at all times. We would love to say this project is our masterpiece but each project we worked on is unique in its own way so it’s fair to say this project is one of our masterpieces. Thanks to Paul for reaching out to us so we could be a part of his vision for his company – The Healthy Chef JA.

O’Sullivan And Company

O’Sullivan and company is a chemical manufacturing company that supplies an environmentally friendly, dynamic cleaning solution suitable for Auto, commercial & domestic purposes. O’Sullivan wanted to expand his company and solidifies its brand. He wanted a website that can help him to achieve both these goals. After analyzing his business model and company’s background, we were able to create a website that did not only help him to expand his brand and provide information to his clients but also a website that is flexible and scalable. Thanks to O’Sullivan And Company for entrusting this project with us. It was our pleasure working with you sir.

Many of our clients use their websites for different purposes. Some of our clients use their website as a tool to promote their business and to provide the necessary information to their clients thus, limiting the need for them to call or come by the store. While others use their website to provide information as mentioned above but also with additional functionalities such as to take bookings or to carry out eCommerce functionalities. Whatever your needs are our team of developers here at Sitepact JA will get the job done.

Great Escape Tours

For every website development project we take on here at Sitepact JA, before we start the development process, we ensure that we understand our client’s business vision and what their business is about. This way we can create something that represents their brand and that they are proud of.

Our team worked on this project for a week and a half. Most of the time was spent configuring the booking system along with creating a clean minimalistic layout for the website content. Mr. Reid the owner of this business was supper cooperative and give us all the resources we requested to ensure that this project was successful. Client cooperation is key to any project being successful and Mr. Read was definitely a team player. It was a pleasure working with you sir.

CMParts Inc

CMParts Inc aims to become the most recognized name in the Sourcing and Selling of heavy equipment in Jamaica and the Caribbean. This company provides selling and sourcing services to persons within the region.

The owner of this company Fredrick Roberts reached out to us and express interest in our services. He did not have a website for his business and wanted to have an online presence so that persons who are interested in his services could readily gain access to the required information. This website project was not complex and it went smoothly. We were able to complete this project within seven days. All in all, a great project that we are proud to have worked on.

A Brides Expo

At Sitepact JA we can’t come to the conclusion as to which of these makes us most happy, getting a new client or when one of our existing clients hands us a new project. We have worked with the project managers for this project before, Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton on Jamaica Bridal Expo which was a great success. The fact that we had done such a great job we were handed this new project A Brides Expo which turns out to be a great success once again.

A Brides Expo is a conference held yearly where wedding professionals have the opportunity to register and consult with local and international industry experts. These included the likes of Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides (www.Brides.com), Dr. Paulette Hossman-CEO of Tai Flora, and Tom Curtin, Director – Sales and Marketing at Honeymoons.com, along with many other experts.

A Brides Expo already had a website but the overall design was outdated, our initial contact was to provide support. We however proposed a rebuild to give it a fresh, clean, and minimalistic design – and that we did! We worked closely with the project managers Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton project to ensure the vision of the project was going in the right direction. Many thanks to Peter and Jo-Anne for reaching out, we are happy to have made their technical team.

Appliance Pros

At Sitepact JA, we ensure that for every project worked on by us we understand both the aim and goal of the business. This way we can help the businesses reach their goal and also help us to create a website that closely represents the business and its brand.

Appliance Pros is a business that provides reliable residential and commercial AC Repair, Maintenance, and Installation throughout the Island of Jamaica. Mr. Shaun Dee, the owner of this company knows exactly what he wanted, thus, it was easy for us to transform his vision and idea into a reality. Though this project is not as complex as some of the other projects we have worked on, it is truly a masterpiece in our eyes. Thanks to Mr. Shaun Dee for considering us to be a part of this project.

Monique Blake

Monique Blake loves to teach and share simple, practical, and effective lifestyle strategies to help women fully express their radiant health and wellness. She partnered with us to be sort of her own external technical team and we were happy to work with her. This project was not like any other project we have worked on. We utilize WooComerce along with a reputable learning management system for her to deliver her educational courses online to her students. Unlike most of the projects we have worked on, this project took a few days longer than expected due to some custom coding and changes that had to be made to get the desired result.

In the end, we at Sitepact JA and Monique Blake are really pleased with the end result, thus, we can say the extra few days were worth it in the end. It was a pleasure working with Monique on this project.