Sunset Kisses

For every project we take on, we try to ensure that we understand our client’s vision and the goals they intend to achieve. This project did not give us much of a challenge but we had to think outside the box in terms of visualizing the design and also the overall project functionalities. We had fun working on this project and it turns out just as we envision it.

We want to give special thanks to the owner of Sunset Kisses for considering us to be a part of this project.

Jamaica Bridal Expo

The Jamaica Bridal Expo is a conference held yearly where wedding professionals has the opportunity to register and consult with local and international industry experts. These included the likes of Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides (www.Brides.com), Dr. Paulette Hossman-CEO of Tai Flora, and Tom Curtin, Director – Sales and Marketing at Honeymoons.com, along with many other experts.

Jamaica Bridal Expo already had a website but the overall design was outdated, our initial contact was to provide support. We however proposed a rebuild to give it a fresh, clean, and minimalistic design – and that we did! We worked closely with the project managers Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton project to ensure the vision of the project was going in the right direction. Many thanks to the Jamaica Bridal Expo team for reaching out we are happy to have made their technical team.

Cleaning Jinni

Cleaning Jinni is a new cleaning service company that came about in 2019. Initially, the company did not have any branding materials and reach out to us in mid-2021 for assistance. Not only were we able to provide this company with a business logo and business card but also with a website to aid in driving traffic to the business.

Our client Dwayne Johnston was easy to work with and with his cooperation we were able to meet the 7-days timeframe for the project launch. Cleaning Jinni is a Project we are proud to be a part of.

Pusey Machine Cut Stone

Specializing in Stone Masonry, Pusey Machine Cut Stone is based in Clarendon, Jamaica. Prior to his website development, the business owner had very little branding material or online presence. Therefore, we focused on getting updated logos, Google Listing, and new content and images.

Thanks to Mr. Pusey the process was smooth and the project ended a success. It is an absolute please to add a construction industry-type website to our portfolio.

JBS Group

The Jamaica Business Society Group Limited (JBS Group) is a non-profit social club for business owners in Jamaica. JBS Group is geared towards giving small business entrepreneurs a safe place to build relationships with other business people.

Due to the nature of this business organization, we took a special interest in website development. As entrepreneurs, we know firsthand some of the challenges new startups have and so we were more than happy to have been able to participate in the website development.

Micro Bio De Limpio Cleaning Service

Micro Bio De Limpio Cleaning Service – Fortunately the project was not as complex as the name and we really enjoyed the build.

The main goal of this website was to serve as a dynamic virtual poster of what the company was offering. Additionally, the owner Mr. Dyah wanted to improve the perception of his business and attract an online audience who might be looking for cleaning service companies online. All resources were provided on time with aided a fast delivery.

Jamaica Tiki Party Charters

Jamaica Tiki Party Charters is located in Negril and offers boat cruising for people who don’t just want to “lazy around on the beach”. This was a very fun project for everyone at Sitepact and signaled as new beginning as we begin to offer our services to Jamaican businesses.

There was not a lot of time to complete the project, and we also needed to create a logo and decide on certain branding aspects of the business. Thankfully, the people at Jamaica Tiki Party Charters were as awesome as we are and prioritized the right decision to the project off to a great start. The website allows users to make bookings, is fully responsive and performant.


GCSE is a boutique accounting firm based in Toronto that brings a wealth of experience and personalized touch to accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services to entrepreneurs and business professionals.

This project was most difficult because we had to combine almost all the company data on a single page. That was tough to do, but following the model of the old website we got some ideas as to what the priorities were and we were able to knock it out. The website has no advanced features like eCommerce, but it required real care to accomplish the end result.


Vespaio is a real estate company that primarily aims to provide the best and most luxurious home to suit your budget. Vespaio apartments offer the location, floor plans, and amenities you desire.

We are proud to know that we were a part of this project knowing that it was truly a success. We had encountered a few challenges but managed to overcome them as the website design was aiming for a delivery perfect down to a pixel. This client was easy to work with and was willing to explore new ideas and design layouts which help the project to be a success and to turn out the way it did. This is one of our most prized pieces.


SustyJobs is a toolkit that enables users to better plan and execute a job search that is connected to sustainability.

We enjoyed working on this project. It utilized WooCommerce, and the design was aimed to be very minimal. The client provided us with clear documentation which outlines the project in detail thus, we didn’t have any hassle getting this project to its completion. We are really happy to be a part of this project’s success.


Mirashift is a company that integrates a variety of therapies and tools to address the individual needs of each client. They also educate their clients on how the mind-body connection impacts their overall health and happiness.

This goes down as one of the most minimal websites built by Sitepact. We didn’t have enough time to work on this project based on the whole requirements. Luckily all the functionalities and requirements were clear. With a bit of speed and magic we were able to launch the project on the date stipulated.

Vinca Major

Vinca Major Specializes in cultivating Precious high-end Jewelry. This company across three decades has perfected the synergy between the wearer, designer, and artisan.

This project uses a modern minimalistic design with some luxurious touches to further offset the beautiful pieces displayed on the website. We had a few difficulties nailing the exact design needed as we had no form design specification. With a few trials and errors, we got it right and was off to a great start.