Severance Terms

In order to avoid abuse of our services, we have had to implement strict severance terms for all our clients. Why do we do this? In the initial stages, we had other development companies USE us to build websites for their clients for free then break contract with us. These unfair actions hurt our business and our vision to provide affordable support and development services to Jamaican entrepreneurs and businesses. Hence, we have implemented a few terms to protect our business and make the service accessible to many more SMEs.

  1. A client can break contract with us for ANY reason at any time without explanation. However, at this time, said clients will need to retain their own resources for hosting and maintenance and manage those expenses. We will provide all website files and assets in a restorable backup file that your new developer can restore on your new server.
  2. IF a client breaks contract with us before a 6 months period, a fee of $80,000 will be required.
  3. IF a client breaks contract with us anytime after 6 months but less than 1 year a $40,000 fee will be required.
  4. If a client decides to break contract after a year but less than 2 years a $20,000 fee will be required.
  5. If a client wants to break contract anytime after 2 years, there are NO requirements.