The Healthy Woman

The Healthy Woman was created to provide natural and holistic healing to some of the most troubling issues. The Healthy Woman products are specially created by passionate herbalists with the aim to have persons feeling more confident, comfortable, and happy with the skin they’re in while ensuring better overall health.

Nichelle the owner of this company already had a website on the Shopify platform. Although her website was functional, its functionalities were limited and did not offer much flexibility to do most of the things she wanted, also her website design needed some work. She reached out to us and we had a few discussions in order to understand her business visions and goals. This project took a few days longer than our usual seven days due to some implementation issues but we got everything sorted out and our client Nichelle was happy with the end result. We gave her a fresh modern website design with extended functionalities to facilitate all her business needs. We always go above and beyond for all our clients and though some clients are scared of change, we assured them we will be with them every step of the way to ensure that their onboarding process was a smooth one.

Thanks to Nichelle for considering us to be a part of this project.

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