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Covid 19 crept up on us so unexpectedly that most of us were left struggling with how to deal with this far-reaching pandemic. Our once habitual and treasured “normal” fastly became a figment of our imaginations. We’ve all felt and still have to contend with handling her grip but one of the most impacted sectors was the business industry. Local startups and SMEs were perhaps the most impacted seeing that several had to temporarily close their doors. Every aspect of conducting business has been modified in some way, shape or form. Seeing the challenges that businesses have faced and are still currently facing, we at Sitepact JA would love to help you not only stay afloat but thrive during the pandemic and beyond. That is why we are encouraging you to read more on how to increase your brand awareness.

Maintain A Strong Online Presence

Covid 19 has forced us to adapt to using digital technology in almost every area of our lives. This is particularly true for most businesses. With more people at home, they are turning online to conduct most of their business. This has led to businesses having to boost and maintain an online presence via websites and social media. For startups and SMEs who didn’t have a website must now get a website developed. This is certainly an area that we can help you with. We know that a well-designed, easily navigated, and appealing website can do wonders for your business. That’s why we are offering a website development package that is like no other in Jamaica. You can expect perks such as low costs, no upfront fees, quality, professionalism, search engine optimization and websites that are tailored to meet your business needs. With enhanced performance, maintenance, and optimization to suit your needs, you’ll be able to improve and launch your online presence in no time. We also know that you’ll love your WordPress website seeing that it’s one of the most popular, useful, and highly sought-after websites.

Business Cards

While marketing is going digital nowadays, there are some traditional strategies that will never become irrelevant. Having a business card is one of them, given that it’s perhaps the first step in marketing your brand. A well-designed business card not only etches your business’ name in your potential customers’ minds, but it also speaks to how serious you are about reaching out to your target audience. For as little as $2,000 JMD, you can get some of the highest quality business cards that you’ll ever see. These are sure to boost your brand presence and stamp your business in your customers’ minds.

Set Up E-commerce

Since the pandemic, online payment has increased. And while we’ve mentioned that having a website is a great way to maintain a strong online presence so that you can gain more customers. Having payment options is a big plus as it will encourage more customers to buy your goods and services. With regards to your business ROIs and analytics, you will see that it will turn more potential customers and visitors into more sales. With these services as well, you’ll be able to rank higher on search engines.

Having a logo is essential as it will be necessary for both your business card and website. A well designed and unique logo goes a long way as it allows your customers to identify your business easily, which is crucial in setting you apart from your competitors.

The pandemic has certainly changed the face of marketing as we know it. More and more, digital is becoming the way to go. We know that this can significantly impact SMEs so we at Sitepact JA are prepared to help you build your brand, maintain your presence and help you thrive during the pandemic and beyond.

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