Website Maintenance

Sitepact JM offers clients website maintenance services on purchasing any of our website development packages. This way we allow our clients to focus their attention on what really matters.   

Website Maintenance Key Features

Like a car, a website needs to be constantly maintained; cleaned, repaired, insured. These are the highlights of a maintenance plan.

Website Monitoring

We will know instantly if your website goes down. Our monitoring system which comes with each of our sites will alert one of our team experts which will get your site up no in time.

Vulnerability Updates

Our systems provides us with real-time information about vulnerable plugins so that our developers can protect you and update plugins and remove plugin that are harmful.

Daily Backups

We back up your database daily and do a FULL weekly backup so you’ll never lose your valuable work to server or database crashes in the future are during the operation of your business.

Website Security

Best Website Security

Waking up to a hacked site and  lost data is a nightmare. We’ll keep your site, plugins, security patches, and content updated. No nightmares, Guaranteed.

Website Edits

Send us your website edit request and a website editor will have it done for you on the same day. A representative Available 24/7 on demand to fulfill your request.

SEO optimized

Search Engine Optimized

Sitepact only uses themes that follow SEO principles in their designs and structures that allow for high ranking in the search engines to increase traffic to your website.

Monthly website maintenance packages

Looking for a monthly website maintenance package for your business? With our customizable, monthly plans, it’s easy to keep your company’s site secure, up-to-date, and functional for users. Plus, you eliminate the worry that comes with managing, monitoring, and maintaining your website. View our monthly site maintenance plans and prices:

Our Website Packages

All websites need to be updated from time to time to keep customers coming back. Our website maintenance packages offer you the flexibility to edit your content when you need us to. Allow us to post new content, create new web pages or update photos and graphics for you without the hassle of doing it yourself.

24/7 Support

With an already busy schedule and tons of expenses, what corners will you cut just to save a few bucks to keep your website functioning at only a basic level? Compare that to how much it will cost you when you lose data, functionality, leads, and customers? Fortunately, you never have to find out because maintaining your website is a big part of what we do. Never worry about your WordPress website, our team of experts at Sitepact JA are available around the clock 24/7.