A Brides Expo

At Sitepact JA we can’t come to the conclusion as to which of these makes us most happy, getting a new client or when one of our existing clients hands us a new project. We have worked with the project managers for this project before, Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton on Jamaica Bridal Expo which was a great success. The fact that we had done such a great job we were handed this new project A Brides Expo which turns out to be a great success once again.

A Brides Expo is a conference held yearly where wedding professionals have the opportunity to register and consult with local and international industry experts. These included the likes of Keija Minor, Editor in Chief of Brides (www.Brides.com), Dr. Paulette Hossman-CEO of Tai Flora, and Tom Curtin, Director – Sales and Marketing at Honeymoons.com, along with many other experts.

A Brides Expo already had a website but the overall design was outdated, our initial contact was to provide support. We however proposed a rebuild to give it a fresh, clean, and minimalistic design – and that we did! We worked closely with the project managers Peter Shoucair and Jo-Anne Paxton project to ensure the vision of the project was going in the right direction. Many thanks to Peter and Jo-Anne for reaching out, we are happy to have made their technical team.

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