K & A Designs and Services

At Sitepact JA, we’ve collaborated with numerous small business owners, each with distinct business goals and website needs. Kimmorn, the proprietor of K & A Designs and Services, approached us to enhance her online presence. While she was already active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, she sought a centralized platform for clients to learn more about her business, its services, and easily contact her—a need fulfilled by a custom website.

Kimmorn’s company specializes in full-service event planning, as well as interior and exterior design, offering a broad spectrum of services to clients throughout Jamaica. During our discussions, Kimmorn conveyed her vision, the unique niche her business occupies, and her preferred website design style. Drawing inspiration from these elements, our team crafted an impressive website that resonated well with her preferences.

Working on this project was an enjoyable experience, thanks to Kimmorn’s prompt provision of resources and her open communication throughout the process. At Sitepact JA, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to the success of K & A Designs and Services. A big thank you to the entire team at K & A Designs and Services for entrusting us with this project.

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