Jamaica Tiki Party Charters

Jamaica Tiki Party Charters is located in Negril and offers boat cruising for people who don’t just want to “lazy around on the beach”. This was a very fun project for everyone at Sitepact and signaled as new beginning as we begin to offer our services to Jamaican businesses.

There was not a lot of time to complete the project, and we also needed to create a logo and decide on certain branding aspects of the business. Thankfully, the people at Jamaica Tiki Party Charters were as awesome as we are and prioritized the right decision to the project off to a great start. The website allows users to make bookings, is fully responsive and performant.


GCSE is a boutique accounting firm based in Toronto that brings a wealth of experience and personalized touch to accounting, tax, audit, and advisory services to entrepreneurs and business professionals.

This project was most difficult because we had to combine almost all the company data on a single page. That was tough to do, but following the model of the old website we got some ideas as to what the priorities were and we were able to knock it out. The website has no advanced features like eCommerce, but it required real care to accomplish the end result.


Vespaio is a real estate company that primarily aims to provide the best and most luxurious home to suit your budget. Vespaio apartments offer the location, floor plans, and amenities you desire.

We are proud to know that we were a part of this project knowing that it was truly a success. We had encountered a few challenges but managed to overcome them as the website design was aiming for a delivery perfect down to a pixel. This client was easy to work with and was willing to explore new ideas and design layouts which help the project to be a success and to turn out the way it did. This is one of our most prized pieces.


SustyJobs is a toolkit that enables users to better plan and execute a job search that is connected to sustainability.

We enjoyed working on this project. It utilized WooCommerce, and the design was aimed to be very minimal. The client provided us with clear documentation which outlines the project in detail thus, we didn’t have any hassle getting this project to its completion. We are really happy to be a part of this project’s success.


Mirashift is a company that integrates a variety of therapies and tools to address the individual needs of each client. They also educate their clients on how the mind-body connection impacts their overall health and happiness.

This goes down as one of the most minimal websites built by Sitepact. We didn’t have enough time to work on this project based on the whole requirements. Luckily all the functionalities and requirements were clear. With a bit of speed and magic we were able to launch the project on the date stipulated.

Vinca Major

Vinca Major Specializes in cultivating Precious high-end Jewelry. This company across three decades has perfected the synergy between the wearer, designer, and artisan.

This project uses a modern minimalistic design with some luxurious touches to further offset the beautiful pieces displayed on the website. We had a few difficulties nailing the exact design needed as we had no form design specification. With a few trials and errors, we got it right and was off to a great start.


SI & OUI is an International interior design company that specializes in bringing high-end modern designs to your home. At SI & OUI you will find home decor inspiration and interior design packages to suit your budget.

This was a very exciting project to work on. We had fun every step of the way. The website development process was smooth and the Client was very clear in what she wanted and so was very easy to work with. This website is fully responsive and performant and utilizes WooCommerce.

Yasmin Yoga

Yasmin Fudakowska-Gow is a yoga teacher of nearly 20 years and an accredited naturopathic doctor specializing in ayurvedic medicine. Over the last two decades, she had the honor of teaching yoga around the world and training a huge spectrum of people: professional athletes, celebrities, CEOs, and as well as toddlers, teens, and people in wheelchairs.

This website utilizes WooCommerce for selling her online Yoga courses and Learndash was integrated for online courses to facilitate teaching her students and clients all around the world. The website built was made to be very minimalistic but with a modern design. It was a pleasure working with Yasmin on this project.


Mesh is a consulting company that focuses on building strong leadership qualities among the human resource team within an organization. This company helps organizations succeed by getting more value from their human resources by using their groundbreaking Mesh Accountability framework. 

Due to the amount of content involved, the build was a difficult one as we did not have sufficient media to supplement it. In the end, we sourced some images and managed to get things together on time. For Sitepact it was a great learning experience and powered us up for similar scenarios in the future.

Peters First Nation

Peters First Nation is located half hours’ drive east of the city of Chilliwack BC on the banks of the Fraser River. Peters First Nation focuses on building a strong governance foundation and making sure the way they operate is open, accountable, and transparent. Peters has a total population of 66 members, 27 of which currently live on reserve and the remaining living off.

Sitepact worked on a solution for the community as a way to gain some online presence. The website built was made to be simple, fast and easy to maintain. Sitepact is happy to have helped Peters FN in its endeavors.


Favn in a Music Band based in Denmark. A website redesign and overhaul was requested to give the website a more modern look and add some e-commerce features for selling the bands’ music online.

The website utilizes WooCommerce for selling the band’s music efficiently. Music specific post types were made available through the theme to create a structured environment that was easy to manage.